Study abroad

This site contains all specific information for a study abroad if you are in a "Landscape" study course.

You have to apply for our limited exchange places via an internal application procedure. The deadline therefore is 30th of November for the next academic year (starting one year later). This means you have to apply one until one and a half year in before the stay abroad itself (this is the only way to limit the administrative work). That means, Bachelor-study-abroad candidates have to apply at the beginning of their third semester to meet the Study abroad window in the fifth semester. For Master-Students it would be even the beginning of their first semester to go abroad in their third or fourth semester of their relatively short master course.
--> check the time table

The deadline of the application procedere for --> TUMExchange (beyond ERASMUS-Funding arean with a selection of world-wide TUM partner Universities) will be even at end of October/Beginning of November (check respective times at the --> TUMExchange information site).

Where can I study abroad ? 
Most of our Landscape students are going to one of our 29 partner Universities with a total number of 50 places. For the European Universities on the list the stay will be ERASMUS-funded.

Beyond our own partner universities on the list you can apply for a study outside ERASMUS-funds for a general TUM-partner university via --> TUMExchange (check database and deadlines there). 

It is easy to apply for our own partner universities  --> internal application. For the European Partner Universities (including TU Istanbul, Akdeniz University and La Réunion) there will be always an ERASMUS funding for nominated candidates, even if you are not German or European. Our Landscape students will be exempted from eventual study fees (not from administration fee) at our partner university.
Click on the map to get links to the respective Universities and their usability for a branch (la=Landscape architecture, lp= Landscape planning, Ecological Engineering, Nature protection and Landscape Planning). The exact location of the respective campus might slightly differ from the marked main administration location.

The ERASMUS-form

In table A of the ERASMUS form "Learning Agreement" all intended courses should be listed. In most cases, this course list might be changed, once you find out only after arrival that you prefer to change to others.
Table B (lists the course acknowledgements at TUM) has also to be filled in obligatory.
Mandatory Bachelor- and Master-Stay Abroad students (BSc LaPl and Master NaLa) just fill in "Study abroad" ("Studienleistung Auslandsaufenthalt") with 30 ECTS.
All others copy 1:1 all selected courses from table A into table B (same course names in English). You can also put the same ECTS if earned in ERASMUS countries.

Contact person for all questions related to the stay abroad

International Coordinator of Study Program Division Landscape Architecture + Landscape Planning

as well as Departmental ERASMUS-Coordinator
Andreas Printz
Room O15 (Wed-Thur, 10-17:00 minus lunch break)
tel: +49 (0)8161-71.4147