12.th Weihenstephan Forum for Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning

Green infrastructure for attractive everyday landscapes

Connecting people, knowledge and regions

"Everyday" landscapes provide important environmental benefits for urban areas of the Alpine region. Yet, they are under increasing land use pressure to meet multiple demands from a multitude of stakeholders; regional and local concerns must be united in politically fragmented urban regions. "Green infrastructure" is a promising planning approach for developing multifunctional green networks that simultaneously achieve different political goals, such as strengthening social cohesion and biodiversity. The European project LOS_DAMA! (Bavarian for "Let's do it!") has set itself the task of developing and testing various approaches to develop "green infrastructure" through the cooperation with various interest groups across municipal boundaries. As part of the final Los Dama! congress, the Weihenstephan Forum offers the opportunity to explore the topics that played a central role in the project: the potentials of landscape development as a binding medium between urban and rural areas, European advancement and local practice, as well as science and practice.

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Fr 11th of October 2019 - Freising, IGZW