Part time Study

Target group

Students that are interested in the M.Sc. Nature Conservation and Landscape Planning, M.Sc. Ecological Engineering and M.Sc  Environmental Planning and Ecological Engineering (expiring study) who don't have the chance to perform a full time study.


The part time model offers felxible opportunities to study in special personal situations such as education times for kids, patient caring for family members, having a job or founding an enterprise parallel to the study.

Part time study does not means that there are only special courses dring night or during the weekend.It is more to limit the study activities to some days of the week.

Each level of part-time is correlated with a specific maximum number of credits. Before the start of a new semester it is possible to switch in between the different part-time levels or to full time.

By chosing the specific part-time level the regular study period set by the general study rules is extended or shortened - this results as an individual length of study period.

Level of study time Standard period of studycredits/ECTS  
Regular study min/ max.
Full-time study 4 Semester 30 min. 22
Part-time study 66% 6 Semester 20 15- 25
Part-time study 50% 8 Semester 15 12- 20

Study plan

The counseling by staff of the Study Program Division is obligatory. The offer of Regular modules are offered in such a diversity that the coverage of courses can easily be stretched according to the individual needs by different part-time models.


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