LOS_DAMA! Expo of Experiences Thu 10.10.2019

The EU-project LOS_DAMA! deals with peri-urban landscapes in seven Alpine metropolitan areas:  awareness is raised for the natural and cultural values of these "everyday landscapes", boosting interregional cooperation including stakeholders and citizens. There are some limited places at the "Expo of Experiences" on 10th October 2019 at TU München, Vorhoelzer Zentrum to learn more e.g. about Viennas new regional park, the landscape treasure hunt in Grenoble and other enriching examples!"

If you like to participate, don't forget to click the respective check box while registering for Weihenstephan Forum.
Limited places, in English, Thursday 10th of October 2019, 15:00, 80333 Munich, Arccisstr. 21, Vorhoelzer Forum